Questionaires Miss is present in the pedigree of 12 horses.
Horse Name Reg Name Born Sex Event Sire Dam
Wick2 Smokin Holly 045 1991 g Heeling Smokin 45 Holly Tucker
Iceman Flits Smokin Pistol 1996 g Heeling Smokin Pistol Flits Dream
TJ Hollywood Himself 2002 g Tie down Hollywood Heat Miss Gold Gibor
Reiner Docs Leo Lee 1996 g Barrel Racing Docs Paradise Chickle Lee
Miami Rafter L Bonnie Lad 1989 g Heeling Rafter L Dry Doc Scataway Bonnie
Primo Solis Quest 1992 g Tie down Doc Solis Quilchinas Lady
Hock Col Triangle Gold 2006 Heeling Six Digit Col Miss Triangle Sue
Col Triangle Gold Col Triangle Gold 2003 g Heeling Six Digit Col Miss Triangle Sue
Piggy Peppys Robber Heeling Knight Robber Miss Misty Peppy
Hoss Knight Robber Son 2004 g Heeling Knight Robber Petes Little Peppey
DCC Colonel Cat DCC Colonel Cat 2008 g Heading Haida Little Cat Big Floosy
Docs Gunslinger Chic Docs Gunslinger Chic 2011 m Heeling Gunslinger RL GP Docs Affair