Nellene is present in the pedigree of 12 horses.
Horse Name Reg Name Born Sex Event Sire Dam
Viper Keep on Flushing 1987 g Heading Smoocheys Red Man Lovely Night
Maverick Yellow Bar Smug 1975 g Heading Smug Reed Mighty Bar Queen
Mister Mr Le Mistral 1994 g Steer Wrestling Partnership RR Le Mistral
Fire Bug Flaming Firebug 1999 g Barrel Racing Tigeraflame Copper Buglet
Easy Leos Sen Bar 1984 g Tie down Leonard Milligan Sin Bar Fanny
Switchblade1 Owens Cub 1994 g Heeling Leonard Milligan Berrys Club
Blue1 Snipeleo !984 g Tie down Leonard Milligan Pocos Snip
Gunner Gun Again 1992 g Steer Wrestling Partnership Gasagain
Smoken Skidboots Smoken Skidboots 1996 g Steer Wrestling Docs Frosty Fox Idajo Reed
Brown Special Agreement 1981 g Barrel Racing Agreement Shesa Leolena
Ms Peppy Cat MS Peppy Cat 2002 m Cutting High Brow Cat Ms Peppy Doc
Doc2 Leo Tiger Two Socks 2005 g Heading Two Socks Tiger Charcoals Pride