Midnight Jr is present in the pedigree of 14 horses.
Horse Name Reg Name Born Sex Event Sire Dam
Touchdown Boogers Bad Boy 1985 g Tie down Cee Booger Red Rebas Good Girl
Hustler Who Dat Hustler 1984 g Tie down Freckles Hustler Cross 22 Bell
Dolly1 TR Dashing Badger 2000 m Barrel Racing Mr Illuminator Tr Double Cash
Dually Dual Sonny Dee 1997 g Tie down Dual Banditos Gold Sonnys Black Babe
Smarty Docs Otoe Peppy 1997 g Steer Wrestling Docs T Peppy Ms Nogal Otoe
Fiesta Firewater Fiesta 1994 m Barrel Racing Fire Water Flit Mighty Mindy
Topper Topofthemarket 1982 g Tie down Kaweah Market Scatty
Roanie Wiggles Roanie Wiggles 1991 m Tie down Cee Booger Red Harlanders Rosebud
Hawk Jet Royal Speed 1984 g Barrel Racing Count Jet Miss Meter Charge
Boss Guess My Name 1991 g Steer Wrestling Flashing Zipper Queen Badger Jo
Buddy Sky Bar Jack 1990 g Heading Isle Needa Doc Skyjacker Sue
Booger Dude Booger Bear 1994 g Heading Cee Booger Red Rusty Fort
Switchblade2 Cee Booger Boy 2001 g Heading Cee Booger Red Codys Honey Do
Doc2 Leo Tiger Two Socks 2005 g Heading Two Socks Tiger Charcoals Pride