Hank H is present in the pedigree of 20 horses.
Horse Name Reg Name Born Sex Event Sire Dam
Scooter1 Oklahoma Top Hat 1984 g Heading Oklahoma Fuel Winners Doll
Touchdown Boogers Bad Boy 1985 g Tie down Cee Booger Red Rebas Good Girl
War Topper War Topper 1981 g Tie down War Top Soft Tone
Duke Yeah Hes Firen 2003 g Barrel Racing Alive N Firen Splendid Discovery
Fiesta Firewater Fiesta 1994 m Barrel Racing Fire Water Flit Mighty Mindy
Dillion Rare Dillion 1999 g Barrel Racing Firecracker Fire Rare Class
Roanie Wiggles Roanie Wiggles 1991 m Tie down Cee Booger Red Harlanders Rosebud
Boo Little Bobo Hickory 1993 g Tie down High Brow Hickory Little Beau Lena
Boogie Man 2 High Little Sug 1994 g Tie down High Brow Hickory Smart Little Sug
Roanie2 Twisters Enola Gay 1992 m Tie down Smooth Talkin Man Berrys Enola Gay
Eddy Jody All Around 1988 g Heading Pacs Agate Marble Bruces Night Bar
Porky Pack N the Heat 2002 g Steer Wrestling Ashes in the Fire Pac a Dee
Cruiser2 Cattin n Cruisin 1998 g Heeling Cattin Do It Salano
Madonna Sissy B Gold 2009 m Barrel Racing Letta Hank Do It Sissy B Bug
Junior Firewatermakemehappy 2010 g Barrel Racing Firewaterontherocks Junior Country Girl
Missy Fiery Miss West 2011 m Barrel Racing Firewater Frenchman Frenchmans Bo Dashus
Copper Okie Colours 1998 g Breakaway Hot Colours Oklahoma Hanka
Chewy Chewingthehotwire 2014 g Barrel Racing Flaming Fire Water Native Quick Dash
Birdie Babe on the Chase 2011 m Barrel Racing Chasin Firewater Streakin Six Babe
Poprocks Fame Fire Rocks 2017 m Barrel Racing Firewaterontherocks W R Aces Fame