Grey Badger III is present in the pedigree of 113 horses.
Horse Name Reg Name Born Sex Event Sire Dam
Dugout CD Quixote 1997 g Heeling CD Olena Quixote Lou
Kitty Uno Cheeta 2002 m Heading Smart Little Uno Pretty Kitty Cheetah
Butter Bean Mark my Dream 1986 g Heading Two Eyed Mark Dumplings Dream
Replay Replay Blue Boon 2002 g Heeling Duals Blue Boon Susans Replay
Uno Uno Cee Cee 2000 g Tie down Smart Little Uno Cj Cee Cee
Dually Dual Sonny Dee 1997 g Tie down Dual Banditos Gold Sonnys Black Babe
Little Johnny Ringo King Peppy Lena 2004 g Heeling Peptoboonsmal Lena San King
Dinero1 Nifty Jacks Back 1990 g Heeling Smoke Fifty Welcome Back Jack
Texaco Real Cool Dual 1997 g Tie down Dual Pep Lenas Susie Oak
Mikey San Badger Gin 2000 g Heeling Little Sandino Ms Becaco Paydun
Deuce Merry Two Bar 1984 g Tie down Two Eyed Craig Balmy Bars Maid
Charlie Brown Ceebars Primavera 1992 g Heeling Badgers Trophy Ceebar Nu
Starbucks CD Starbucks 1998 g Heeling CD Olena Cari Me Starlight
J-Lo Perfectos Dually 2003 m Barrel Racing Perfecto Playboy Beckys Dually
Bam Bam1 Banditos Bandana 2002 g Tie down Dual Banditos Gold Little Lana Bandana
Meunster Okies Interception 1995 g Tie down Okie Paul Quixote Iron Badger Miss
Flea Sweet As Time 2007 m Tie down Popular Resortfigure Startime Bertie
Rambo Dualin Demon 2003 g Tie down Dualin Hagan Miss Chancy Dude
Chicken Eatin With Rooster 2006 g Tie down Rooster O Grady Eatin Outa Oak
Squirrel Popular Lil Lena 2005 g Tie down Popular Resortfigure Fanta Lena
Smudge Lees Smart Bombay 2002 g Heading Steady n Smart Lees Bombay
Deputy Fantaz Popular Resort 2004 g Tie down Popular Resortfigure Fanta Lena
Special Nu Baby Special Nu Baby 2006 m Cutting Dual Rey Nu I Wood
CR Sun Reys CR Sun Reys 2008 m Cutting Dual Rey Play Peek a Boon
Stylish Bet Stylish Bet 2008 m Cutting Docs Stylish Oak Bet Yer Blue Boons
Smarty Stingrey Smarty Stingrey g Cutting Dual Rey Smart Sandhill Kay
One Time Choice One Time Choice 2007 m Cutting One Time Pepto Hickory Choice
Peptos Chic Olena Peptos Chick Olena 2006 Cutting Sweet Lil Pepto Chic Olenas Promise
Auspicious Cat Auspicious Cat 2005 s Cutting High Brow Cat Lenas o Lady
Mississippi Cat Mississippi Cat 2005 s Cutting High Brow Cat Go Little Starlight
Arc Ruby Playgunia Arc Ruby Playgunia 2006 m Cutting Playgun Ruby Bagonia
Dont Look Twice Dont Look Twice 2005 Cutting High Brow Cat Tapt Twice
Louellas Cat Louellas Cat 2007 s Cutting High Brow Cat Louella Again
Cat A Rey Cat A Rey 2006 s Cutting Dual Rey Sheza Smart Cat
Lil Dulce Lu Lil Dulce Lu m Cutting Dulces Smart Lena Miss Haulin Hickory
Nu Chexomatic Nu Chexomatic 2007 s Reining Nu Chex to Cash Tejons Texie Lena
Spooks Gotta Whiz Spooks Gotta Whiz 2007 s Reining Spooks Gotta Gun Prettywhizprettydoes
Lenas Pegesis Lenas Pegesis 2000 s Reining Lenas Telesis Peggys Peppy
Chic n Roost Chic n Roost 2002 s Reining Gallo del Cielo Dun Maid by Chic
Ms Peppy Cat MS Peppy Cat 2002 m Cutting High Brow Cat Ms Peppy Doc
Dual Rey Me Dual Rey Me 1999 g Cutting Dual Pep Miss Smart Rey Jay
Jazzys Pep Talk Jazzys Pep Talk 2001 m Cutting Peptoboonsmal Jazzy Dry
Lenas Dualin Lenas Dualin 2002 s Cutting Dual Pep Lenas Lucinda
Tachitas Cat Tachitas Cat 2001 g Cutting High Brow Cat Tachitas Last
Boon Too Suen Boon Too Suen 2005 s Cutting Peptoboonsmal Meradas Little Sue
Magic Ride Magic Ride 1997 s Cutting Smart Chic Olena Freckled Badger
Cattins Lil Darling Cattins Lil Darling m Cutting Cattin Peppys Lil Darling
Smart Spook Smart Spook 2001 s Reining Smart Chic Olena Sugarplum Spook
Not Ruf at All Not Ruf at All 2010 s Reining A Sparkling Vintage All Ruffed Up
Gunnalicious Gunnalacious m Reining Colonels Smoking Gun CR Dial a Gun
Bella Sort of Popular 2007 m Tie down Popular Resortfigure RR Quick Bernice
Peppy Boon Boon Peppy Boon Boon 2004 g Heeling Boonsmal San Lena Holey Peppy San
Pockets Pocketful of Light 2007 g Tie down Johnathan Starlight Playful Pockets
Poppy BCR Popular Scotti 2005 m Tie down Popular Resortfigure Lenas Scotti
Kevin Domino Lena 2005 g Heeling San Jo Lena Marlenas Starlight
Si Simon Cow 2006 g Tie down Dual Pep Bingo Legacy
Nitro HA Nitros CD Player 2003 g Tie down Nitro Dual Doc Maderas CD Player
Miss JB 117 Miss JB 117 2011 m Heeling One Hot Jose Irish Lena Lady
Ransom PK Starlight Chick 2010 g Heading Starlights Gypsy One Tari Chick
Lula Lula Dual 2010 m Heeling Dual Spark Wicked Lula Lena
Chip Dual Chip 2009 g Heeling Dual Spark Zans Leo Girl
Lexus Million Dollar Lexus 2005 Heeling San Tule Freckles Doc Drives a Lexus
Apolo Apolo Oak 2010 g Heeling CD Olena Shiners Little Oak
Dude Romancing the Chicks 2009 g Heeling Chic Please RS Lily Starlight
Big Time Little Smart Leo 2003 g Tie down Smart Sooner mare by Handle Bar D
Patron2 Lights On CD 2011 s Tie down CD Olena RG Miss Starlight
Sailor Gypsy Sailor 2008 g Heading Starlights Gypsy Laney O Lena
Ray J Little Hickory Boon 2009 g Heeling NQH Mossy Boon Gingers Hickory Prom
Beyonce Casanovas Cowgirl 2010 m Tie down Smart Little Pepinic Flip Nick
Benz Be Dun by Three 2006 g Steer Wrestling Three Dee Skyline Silver Major Diamond
Pouraguaja Sort of Popular 2007 m Tie down Popular Resortfigure RR Quick Bernice
Lollipop Figure to Fly 2010 m Tie down Popular Resortfigure Fastino
Rooster2 Allo Gallo Colonel 2008 s Breakaway Gallo del Cielo Colonel C Hermosa
Fin Bar Whisky One Fin Bar Whisky One 2010 g Heading Irish Pay Miss Rebel Easy
Sonita Smokin Light Sonita Smokin Light 2009 g Heading Light Sorrel JS Smokin Sonita
Kiowa Star Holder Kiowa Star Holder 2012 g Heading Chex the North Star Kiowa Blue Holder
Simba WR Class Whiskey 2012 g Breakaway WR Smooth Whisky FF Class Lena
Rex Peptos Black Quixote 2006 g Breakaway Royal Blue Quixote Circle A Sassy Doc
Pam Pam Lanas Little Duel 2003 m Breakaway Dual Banditos Gold Little Lana Bandana
Cat Man Palo Pinto Cat 2004 m Breakaway High Brow Cat Bunny Wood 696
T Box Pepto Pepper Rey 2012 g Breakaway Mr Roan Freckles Fancy Rey Freckles
Rolo Lavaca Sting 2002 g Breakaway Zan Par Junior Jolly Miss Vestor
Gangster Styla Kid 2005 g Heading Little Badger Kid Stylalena
Bayboy Boonsmal Bayboy Boonsal 2006 g Heeling PlayBoy Boonsmal Dallas Easy MS
Street Main Street Boon 2004 g Heeling Peptoboonsmal Playboys Ruby
Timon Kiehnes Frosty Pepto 2010 g Heeling Pepto Blue Lena Kiehnes Pretty Smart
Coronas Hickory Gun Coronas Hickory Gun 2016 g Heeling PG Gamma Ray Ima Hickory Lena
Mea Badgolena Mea Badgolena 2008 g Heeling Athenolena Mea Badger
Sneaky Cat Can Sneaky Cat Can 2007 g Heeling Dual Pep The Cat Can Cook
Cantina TRR Freckles Holidoc 2016 m Heeling Pepcid SR Pretty Playboy
Spook n Perla Spook n Perla 2011 m Reining Smart Spook Shine on Ruff
Cody Rooster Delmaso Cody Rooster Delmaso 2005 s Reining Ricochet Rooster Made of Lacy
All Spice All Spice 2017 m Cutting Once in a Blu Boon Show Biz Kitty
Twice in Santiago Twice in Santiago 2016 m Cutting Once in a Blu Boon Twice as Reycy
Crey Zee Crey Zee 2015 m Cutting Dual Rey Eazee E
Badboonarising Badboonarising 2015 s Cutting Once in a Blu Boon Show Biz Kitty
Cool n Hot Cool n Hot 2014 s Cutting Hottish Donas Cool Cat
Katniss DSR Sweet Smokin Cat 2013 m Breakaway Neat Little Cat Little Smokin Kate
Boomer Mr Judge Boomer g Breakaway The Dueller Bridle Bit Jewel
Piggy Peppys Robber Heeling Knight Robber Miss Misty Peppy
Suntan g Heading PC Double Frost JB Pep n Kory
Birdie2 Zoomin Diamond Prom 2010 g Heeling Zoom Zoom Shorty Sis o Diamond Pro
Heisman SCR Sporties Playgun 2008 g Heading Playgun Haidas Sportie
Play Play Peppys JA 2008 g Tie down Makin a Play Lil Peppys Nurse
Dinero3 Gunpowder Spookster 2012 g Tie down PG Gunpowder Rules the Roost
Mario Dual Crescent Boon 2006 g Tie down Duals Blue Boon Billy Joes Baby
Rockstar2 CD Rockstar 2003 g Heeling CD Olena Cari Me Starlight
Cody Ima Two Eyed Con 1998 g Heading Two Eyed Con Im Dolly
Sambo BCR Lenas Nic 2005 g Breakaway Nic it in the Bud Lenas Scotti
Raisedabobcat Raisedabobcat 2011 g Heading Annies Cat Miss Connie Dually
Popular and Famous Popular and Famous 2014 m Heading Popular Resortfigure Dashin Katie Lane
Little Man Kits Tiana Play 2006 g Breakaway Kits Little Garfield Cee Tianna Play
Reysin Cats Reysin Cats 2015 Heeling Dual Rey Cats Savannah