Barred is present in the pedigree of 36 horses.
Horse Name Reg Name Born Sex Event Sire Dam
Nicholas Nicks Rocket Rojo 1994 g Heading Shamrocks Nick Rockets Breezy Lady
Megazord Megazord 1994 g Heading Jet Toro Have your Cash
Scooter1 Oklahoma Top Hat 1984 g Heading Oklahoma Fuel Winners Doll
Rooster Ayes Have It 1985 g Heading Pajaro Chico Ima Lady Pilot
Mister Mr Le Mistral 1994 g Steer Wrestling Partnership RR Le Mistral
Tweeter Tinys Clipso 1984 g Tie down Tinys Superman Danya Bars
War Topper War Topper 1981 g Tie down War Top Soft Tone
Sweetness Eightys Sport 1993 g Tie down Easy Eighty Moonie Sport
Tally Top Tally 1995 g Barrel Racing Flaming Talent Miss Star Boon
Moe Ima Guy of Honor 2003 g Barrel Racing Frenchmans Guy Dontunderestimateher
KO Jac Sort of Like Fast 1987 g Steer Wrestling Mad Dash Princess Verlan
Flick Mighty Classy Flight 1995 g Barrel Racing Freedom Flyer Mighty OH
Barney Heza Gray Moon 1989 g Heading Heza Top Moon Bar Chili Wyeast
Beauty RC Back in Black 2004 Barrel Racing Ninety Nine Goldmine Rabbit Redux
Hawk Jet Royal Speed 1984 g Barrel Racing Count Jet Miss Meter Charge
Roanie2 Twisters Enola Gay 1992 m Tie down Smooth Talkin Man Berrys Enola Gay
Eddy Jody All Around 1988 g Heading Pacs Agate Marble Bruces Night Bar
Orejas Cowboy Marine 1984 g Tie down Such a Marine Gladly Go Party
Smoker Little Extra Credit 2005 m Steer Wrestling Cash not Credit Jets Misty Moon
Bo Honor Thy Frenchman 2005 s Barrel Racing Frenchmans Feature Honey ofa Jet
Dial It Dial It Fast 2006 g Barrel Racing Dashin is Easy Dial It In
Rusty Mr Lightning Poco 1999 g Steer Wrestling Swedes Jet On Miss Poco Quincy
Talents Dark Angel Talents Dark Angel 2001 m Barrel Racing Flaming Talent Docs Abbie Lee
Jewel2 Foxys Driftin Jewel 2002 m Barrel Racing Nonstop Drifter Foxys Buzzie Bars
Wicked Little Miss Wicked 2004 m Barrel Racing Terribly Wicked Like an Effort
Buster Catheys Dividend 1990 g Heading Flaming Oh Devil Lady 86
Nickie Murphys Suzie Que 2005 m Heading Its Murphys Law Rockets Breezy Lady
Stitchs Honor N Fame Stitchs Honor N Fame 2007 g Barrel Racing Firewater ta Fame Ze Honor Jet
Jesse1 Sheza Smooth Flight 2002 m Barrel Racing Dinner Flight Lady Lasmooth
Ava Moon the Bully 2007 f Steer Wrestling Bully Bullion Jets Misty Moon
Paso Mex Paso Mex 1994 g Heading Mr Dream Lark Raid Bar Chargette
City Bay Roller City Bay Roller 1990 g Heading Easy Wrangler Pay a Dividend
Nico A Prize Response 2004 g Tie down Smokums Prize Peps Response
DM Jet Off DM Jet Off 2009 g Heading Hand Off Boy Rocket Jets
Pickles RC Back in Black 2005 m Barrel Racing Ninety Nine Goldmine Rabbit Redux
Raisedabobcat Raisedabobcat 2011 g Heading Annies Cat Miss Connie Dually